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View Diary: Homicidal mentally ill felon obtains gun permit, arsenal, in Minnesota (324 comments)

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  •  How does someone deemed insane obtain guns? Very (2+ / 0-)
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    OllieGarkey, Alexandra Lynch

    easily, just go buy one. I'd venture a guess that a good 90% of used guns are not sold at gun stores or shows, the whole damn country is a gun show and has a "gun show loophole".
       About 8- 9 years ago my alcoholic camo wearing NRA asshole neighbor came over to the house carrying this cardboard box, he wanted to "show me something".
       At that particular time not only were my kids home, but two of their friends were here and playing on our computers in the kitchen.
       Mr. NRA asshole, half lit and half wit to boot, proceeds to open the box on my kitchen counter. Whatever semantics you want to claim about "thats not a real AK-47", out comes a AK "look at what I bought".
       One of the kids at the computer had personally witnessed his own brother blown to bits by some asshole waving around a 12 gauge shotgun less than two years prior that supposedly wasn't loaded.
       The kid was terrified, in panic mode.
        I told Mr. Asshole to take his fucking gun home, "oh. it's not loaded, it's not going to hurt you", he's trying to tell this petrified kid who had witnessed his little brothers head literally blown off by some other Mr. Asshole claiming the same shit.
        I went the fuck off, snatched the gun from his staggering, dumb ass, pointed it away from every one, pulled the bolt and guess what, out pops a fucking round...  
        I wanted to beat him to death with his own stupid ass man toy lack of penis compensater but literally shoved his dumbass out of my house and all the way to his own front door, all the while him apologizing profusely. Fuck that. Threw the piece of shit on his driveway and told him in no uncertain terms never to step foot on my place again in life.
        About three weeks later I got this knock on my door, guy whips out a badge identifying himself as BATF, asking about my neighbor. Wanted to know if I could tell if he were home or not, it was hard to tell if you didn't know which vehicles were operable or weren't.
        He wasn't home. The agent asked if I thought he may be dangerous, ect- dangerously stupid, but personally I had no knowledge of him being personally threateningly dangerous.
        Later that day they set up a perimeter around his place and when he came home from work confronted him as he pulled in his driveway before he could get into the house.
        I watched as they pulled 155 guns of all sorts from the house, including full autos, over 20 full autos.
        Seems that a few years prior Mr. Asshole had a domestic disturbance at another residence and had holed himself up in the house in a stand off that lasted most of the day before surrendering but not before threatening to kill anyone who approached the house.
        He was hauled off to a mental health facility and from there, to jail, charged with domestic violence, threats and terrorism charges against LEO's, to name a few.
        Yet he was able to walk into a pawn shop, buy the AK to add to his arsenal and go unnoticed for a few weeks before someone finally caught the mistake, that he wasn't allowed to own guns, period.
        The wife of said Mr. Asshole was a gun dealer, the most prolific in this entire area. Within a few weeks, all of the guns were returned to her and I'll never forget watching all of those very same guns being unloaded from her vehicle and being taken into the house by who? Mr. Asshole himself...
        What a comforting thought living next door to a dumbass drunk who had a felony record of violence and terroristic threats, having had a stand off with SWAT at his last residence and obviously, mentally unstable.
        I was never so glad to see someone get foreclosed upon and forced to move out...
        I never ever underestimate ANY gun toter since that incident, not one. Figure any and every damn one of them can be just as fucked in the head as this asshole was, how would you even know? I don't trust anyone around me with guns, period.

    "It's a dog eat dog world out there, and I am wearing Milkbone underwear." Norm Peterson

    by playtonjr on Tue Jan 22, 2013 at 06:54:21 AM PST

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