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  •  oh, wow! Wonderful, as always!! (11+ / 0-)

    I have an opinion about almost all of these. I will be interested in what others here think!

    In The Iliad, Odysseus' character floats on the Manipulative Bastard line
    Yes, I have heard much about this, too.  He is one scary dude.  And yet, in the Odyssey, his time with his son, his old servant, nurse and finally Penelope seem to soften my thoughts.
    Frankenstein: OR a selfish asshole who tried to keep his PR clean by abandoning the monster and got what was coming to him and he's being whiny about it.
    I go with this one.  I am probably wrong.  :)
    Is Christine attracted to The Phantom of the Opera, or is she motivated by pity and a desperate need to keep her Stalker with a Crush from going even more Ax Crazy than he already is? The original novel (while somewhat ambiguous) skews towards the latter, fanfic overwhelmingly prefers the former, and in the musical it depends on which actress you see. And that doesn't even get into the various interpretations of Erik himself... several decades of adaptations does that to a guy.
    This is a hard one.  I agree that there are so many different ways of looking at her actions.  I have seen another big movie with Burt Lancaster which made Erik more sympathetic, too.  But I think he is manipulative and uses her love for her father to bad advantage.  I do think she pities him and that she has a hard time leaving him behind.  That scares me...
    The Catcher in the Rye: Or just, you know, a teenager?
    I go with this one.  I didn't really like him until he showed how he loved his sister.
    In Pride and Prejudice, Caroline Bingley can be read as the most sympathetic character - she's clearly in love with Darcy, and then Deadpan Snarker Lizzie strolls in and steals him from her. Most people see her differently as a sort of Regency Alpha Bitch, but maybe she was just meant to be the kind of clingy flirty girl that Darcy wasn't into just to contrast with Elizabeth.
    I think Darcy was onto her.  =:0  She did seem to represent the kind of person one would expect to chase him.  His poor cousin Anne was fragile and unwilling to play the part intended by her mother, and his sister was a sweetheart.  Darcy was lucky to meet Lizzie.  :)

    Thank you for a great post!!!!!

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    by cfk on Wed Jan 23, 2013 at 05:53:40 PM PST

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