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View Diary: The Daily Bucket: Spring Ephemerals and Invasive Plants (63 comments)

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  •  Your mention of the root jack made me laugh (7+ / 0-)

    Good for your grandson to be the master of makes the work possible but it's still not easy. That's a place for brute strength. Around here it's also referred to as a weed wrench.

    A biggie among our invasives (besides the scotch broom we've been reading about) is Himalayan blackberry. It grows huge, has vicious thorns, and propagates vegetatively easily, so it forms giant impenetrable masses that crowd everything else out. It does produce tasty berries, if you don't mind getting torn up picking them, so a lot of people like it, and let it spread. I've been battling it in my back yard for decades. Tried digging under a root ball, tying a rope and pulling it out with my car...took all day to do one, and not very well, so I gave up on that. Root jacks will work, but you have to get into the bush far enough to find the stem, and then get every little bit out, practically digging the ground up a foot down in a big area looking for hunks of root. I've seen people attack blackberries with a root jack, and the bush fights back. So I've given up on that, and just cut the shoots when they become noticeable back to the ground. Been doing that for years - how do they keep going? A mystery.

    Nice diary. Love the trilliums and lilies especially. Thank you for doing that endless but necessary work, and it's great you are teaching your grandson about service work, by example.

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