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  •  Good closing paragraph (0+ / 0-)

    I like the sentiment of your last paragraph.  If I was a resident of New York, I'd be researching proper brand-neutral language and lobbying my elected representatives about improving the law.

    Speaking to your opening sentence: Seeing a friend still warm, but dead from a self-inflicted bullet wound has an effect.  Someone waving a gun in your general direction and saying stupid shit has an effect.  

    Reducing the sheer numbers of firearms will have an effect.

    •  Reducing the sheer numbers of firearms will have (4+ / 0-)

      an effect
      i wish i could agree w/ you, but i dont
      I also would love to see someone like Nate silver
      do a study ''how many 'illegal' guns need to be 'grabbed' to prevent 1 crime or suicide''
      Every time theres a mass shooting, i think about friends, relatives who live/lived there..

      Who is mighty ? One who turns an enemy into a friend !

      by OMwordTHRUdaFOG on Mon Jan 21, 2013 at 07:08:04 PM PST

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