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View Diary: * New Day * - Houston Area Kossacks' Meet-up Photos! Your Favorite Inauguration Moment? (164 comments)

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    I had a tough time choosing a subject line for this comment, so I punted.

    A bit of a preface... I was a Naval officer in an earlier life at a time when the Navy was bringing back the Cracker Jack uniform. In accordance with an old tradition some enlisted guys would sew the Marine emblem inside the front button flap on the trousers of those uniforms and call it a Marine dinner plate. It was part of the purportedly good-natured rivalry between the services.

    I was browsing Inaugural Ball images at the Washington Post and came across this one. I think I like it.

    There are dozens of great pictures of the Native Nations Inaugural Ball at WaPo and other sites, I highly recommend viewing them.

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