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View Diary: Employee fired for wearing "I support same-sex marriage" shirt (68 comments)

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  •  completely agree (3+ / 0-)
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    If the workplace was based on certain political/religious views, and an employee wears a sign (in the form of a t-shirt) openly rejecting something the workplace is based on, that's a complete lack of judgment on the employee's part.  

    Or else it is a deliberate attempt to show the employer a rejection of the employer's views.

    Either way, it cannot be a surprise when someone is terminated for that.  If the statement is more important than the job, that's fine -- that's  a conscious choice the employee makes.  

    •  It's a shirt for a band that had played at his (6+ / 0-)

      work numerous times.  That's not a lack of judgement, it's absurd.

      Does no one actually read the diary here?

      •  The shirt specifically said something political (0+ / 0-)
        , for wearing his “I Support Same-Sex Marriage” shirt to work.
        When you wear a shirt to work that says something that directly contradicts the views on which the workplace is based, that's either a complete lack of judgment or a deliberate provocative statement.

        The fact that the shirt was also from the band that had played there does not change that fact.

        It's like going to work at McDonalds and wearing a shirt that says "French Fries are horrible for you and you shouldn't eat them."  That may be true, and you may have a right to say that, but you DON'T have  right to say it while you are on the job.  

        •  If they let a band that expresses those views (4+ / 0-)

          play then what the hell are they doing firing people for wearing that bands t-shirt?  It's fucking stupid and clearly so.

          •  Did the band express those views (0+ / 0-)

            while they were playing there?

            To further my McDonald's analogy -- suppose McD's invited some nutritionist -- John EatRight --  to come and say that some particular thing on the McD's menu is a step in the right direction nutritionally.  So, John EatRight comes to McD's  couple of times and says, "their smoothies are good for you.  When you go to McD's, get their Smoothies."  

            So, the next day the employee comes to work t McD's in a John EatRight T-shirt that said, "French Fries are horrible -- don't let your kids eat them!"  

            That's either an incredible lack of judgment or a deliberately provocative statement.  Either way, the person can't do that and expect the employer to be fine with it.  

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