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View Diary: I won a tiny battle against a racist tonight. (154 comments)

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  •  you put him on the spot. (15+ / 0-)

    he attempted the classic, "it was just a joke" line, common among the limbaugh's, etc. instead of letting it go, you forced him to explain what was so funny about it, that couldn't be directly attributed to racism. obviously, he couldn't admit that, but did so anyway, by taking it down.

    will this change him? i doubt it. racism tends to be ingrained, by the time we reach adulthood. however, it may make him just a tad warier, of being overtly racist, even among people he considers friends, and (foolishly, it turns out) assumes share his racism (and probably sexism, etc., they all seem to go hand-in-hand), he now knows at least one (you) doesn't.

    •  Yep -- (15+ / 0-)

      I've never met a racist who wasn't also a sexist.  That's part of why I can't let it go.  

      Of course, there's also the fact that considering someone inferior because of skin color defies logic.  And it hurts good, innocent people and there's no reason to make good, innocent people suffer.  So, you know, there's that.  :)

      But even on a purely selfish level, anyone spouting racist bullshit immediately sets off all sorts of alarms in my mind, because I'm a woman.  I know I can be targeted just as easily.

      I don't get how people can tolerate anyone spouting hate or mocking someone for their race, gender, sexual orientation, etc.  Someone who does that is someone who goes on the attack for no reason.  Why doesn't it freak everyone out?

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