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View Diary: I won a tiny battle against a racist tonight. (154 comments)

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  •  I'm also happy to pay into the safety net (7+ / 0-)

    What we have of one, anyway.  

    I don't understand people who resent anyone on public assistance.  What are they, jealous?  Do they wish they could be in that position?  

    Something else that irks the hell out of me is watching some people I know rant about people on welfare, unemployment, etc.  I've slammed an in-law for doing that.  He bitched once about "losers" on unemployment and welfare, and his buddies were chiming in and agreeing, so I asked him, "When I was laid off from my job after 11 years, I collected unemployment for months.  Was I one of those losers?"  And it turns out he's collected unemployment too, and that was, of course, Not What He Meant.  (What he meant was "black," but didn't have the courage to say it.)  

    I also told him, "It's possible that while you're ranting about people on welfare, you might actually be talking about people close to you.  Just saying."  Like my sister, who's his wife's mother -- she was on public assistance after her first husband left her with a baby (his wife's brother) and no job.  

    By the end of that exchange he was insisting that he didn't mean any of what he'd written five minutes earlier, but had in fact meant something entirely different.

    Ugh.  I'd like to make people like him a deal:  You want to hate?  Fine.  Hate all you want.  But you have to come out and admit it.  Otherwise, STFU.

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