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  •  Much antagonism towards people who get care (4+ / 0-)
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    and whose welfare is a public concern is prompted by jealousy on the part of people who feel left out or can never get enough. Jealousy, IMHO, is what prompted Cain to kill Abel. Some people call it "sibling rivalry," as if it were a normal component of family life, but I suspect it's an aberration related to some deficit which inhibits the ability to care and share and even to recognize themselves as recipients.
    "No free lunch" is a powerful, threatening message. Those who believe it have reason to be paranoid. They may even have reason to feel disrespected when other's existence is not similarly threatened.
    The champions of "personal responsibility" are perpetrating a con job when they promote the idea that independence is good because success is one's own and does not have to be shared. Since it really isn't possible for an organism that can't stand on its own two feet for the first year after birth to survive, much less succeed, on its own, the independence being touted is really just a euphemism for "leave us the hell alone." It's a rejection of social responsibility, the obligation to give something back for what has been given by others and taken in by them without any awareness of the process involved.
    Reciprocity. Back and forth action, an alternating relationship, instead of a one way street.

    It seems a bit strange, if not contradictory, that binary thinkers, whose world is made up of opposites, two sides to everything in an antagonistic stance, cannot perceive behavior as alternating or taking turns. I suspect it's because binary thinkers, in a world of either/or, don't have a sense of time. Thus they want to be first and don't recognize there's a second behind, who may well come in first at the end of the day. If they recognize a second, their response is the "over my dead body kind." That is, the second is someone to knock out so the first position can be maintained. Indeed, every encounter is perceived as a threat. There can be no union, no sharing, no taking turns for an isolate. The other exists only to define the self -- as if the function of night were just to identify the day.

    Day is not night.
    Life is not death.
    Peace is not war.
    Success is not failure.

    Of course, that's not reality. Reality is full of alternatives. That binary thinkers don't perceive them is perhaps signaled by their inability to use or understand adjectives as modifiers or qualifiers of nouns. So, for example, the phrase "creative destruction" actually refers to some people (or nature) creating and other people destroying. In other words, antagonists.

    Antagonists manifest (show up) as authoritarians, but antagonism is their mode. Antagonism is autonomous; it arises unprompted, as, one suspects, does love.

    We organize governments to deliver services and prevent abuse.

    by hannah on Tue Jan 22, 2013 at 04:26:40 AM PST

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