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View Diary: Torture and the Dark Side of ZERO DARK THIRTY (65 comments)

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    Chacounne, Garrett

    I am not sure I will see this movie, but if I do, I am glad to have read this diary beforehand.

    Sometimes the manipulation and intent are so masterfully disguised that I can't trust my own bull-shit-o-meter to recognize what's done to the viewer. From all films mentioned in the diary I only say one, "In the Valley of Elah" ... and though I realized it to be an outstanding film ... it impacted me greatly emotionally and not only in a positive way. I don't want to go into it, because I would have to dig deep into my memory to express what it was ... the only thing I remember is that the influence of this film was larger on the viewership than it should have been, imo, at least the viewership who is not intimately involved personally in the events the plot desribes. Sometimes I think filmmakers don't think about those who have lived through scenarios they describe. It's films like these, excellently made, but masterfully avoiding "the point that needs to be made", why I rarely see movies (espcecially war related, documentary-style" movies made in Hollywood,  anymore.

    I am posting this from Germany and haven't read or heard anything about previous criticism the film might have gotten, but I am grateful for the diary. As being said above.

    I hope many people read this diary before they see the film.

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