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View Diary: Torture and the Dark Side of ZERO DARK THIRTY (65 comments)

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    bontemps2012, Linda Wood

    If we're at war then I expect Congress to declare it. Even if it's against an "insurgency". They need to name it and put limits on it. Where, exactly, is this "war" happening? What it really amounts to is a bunch of criminals operating in lawless areas.

    I don't give Bigelow a pass. She could have been guided by ethics. That would have told her that the people doing this were doing the wrong thing. Or, she could have been guided by the law. It would have told her that what they were doing is criminal. She could have created a movie that told the truth. She didn't have to only take one side of the story, and she certainly didn't have to believe (considering how unbelievable it is) what the liars told her.

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