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View Diary: I'm Sure Glad That The Other Guy Isn't Celebrating Today (22 comments)

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  •  While I'm thrilled almost beyond words that I've (6+ / 0-)

    been saved from the soul-killing experience of watching the Mittster take the Oath of Office, I'm going to cut him some slack on this.  I haven't seen evidence that he sent anyone out to spread the word that he wouldn't be watching (instead of responding to media inquiries), and it is easy to appreciate that a person who has spent every waking moment of the last 6 years trying to be the Center of Attention on the front steps of the Capitol Building on Inauguration Day might not want to watch the other guy taking that victory lap...

    The "no loser since Dukakis in 1989" thingy is nonsense, not only because it is false but because the loser only has attended if he had ongoing federal responsibilities or a role to fulfill in the transfer of power; GHW Bush, Al Gore, John Kerry, and John McCain had reason to be there but Bob Dole (who resigned from his Senate seat during the '96 campaign to demonstrate his commitment to his effort to win) did not attend Clinton's second inauguration...

    ...lots of players from the Patriots and Falcons will likely find better things to do Sunday after next than watch the Super Bowl.  I get that...

    "In a nation ruled by swine, all pigs are upward mobile..." - Dr. Hunter S. Thompson

    by Jack K on Mon Jan 21, 2013 at 08:56:38 PM PST

    •  I think you're right... (6+ / 0-)

      ...especially the observation that the loser should not be under any obligation to attend the winners party.  In a collegial atmosphere that may not even be a snub, but a moment granted to allow the winner their due.  And in this case, with the GOP continuing to be a fountain hate filled venom at every turn, it's actually doing everyone a favor.

      I'd also add that the Republican party does not need anyone reminded of their twin political disasters, Bush and Romney.  They've got plenty of baggage left even after they jettison those two horror shows.

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