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View Diary: Best segment of the inauguration ceremony: Brooklyn Tabernacle Choir (13 comments)

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    I love differences of opinion like this - I really didn't care for the performance.

    It was very well done from from the technical side - beautifully sung, the performances were top notch, interesting arrangement.  I just didn't think they fit this particular piece of music - Battle Hymn of the Republic shouldn't be "pretty."  Powerful and majestic, absolutely.  This version took away some of the emotional impact for me, frankly.  

    At the risk of derailing the conversation, it reminds me of the disagreement I've had with some of my musician friends regarding Les Miz.  They thought Anne Hathaway's "I Dreamed a Dream" was bad - her singing wasn't technically correct enough for them...whereas I thought the imperfections were from anguish, and made the emotional impact that much more gutwrenching.

    Hopefully, this didn't come across as ragging on your enjoyment of the Inauguration - different people like different things.  Vive la difference!  :)

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