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  •  I think people need tougher skin (8+ / 0-)

    When people have deeply held beliefs and they get into discussion with someone who deeply feels differently, people are going to get ugly, especially on the internets.

    I have long thought that the TTFN folks and the people who complain about how other people act or get bent out of shape because someone rolled a fuck you into the conversation, I have long thought these people need to talk to each other about flowers or just deal with it.

    This idea, this request for civility when passions are inflamed is silly and for the most part we are adults here, so fire back or ignore but get on with your life, because this isn't forever and it's still just a forum.

    And no one here should let what someone else says get to them, unless a point has been made so well it changes your mind.

    I am not afraid of any of you, and not one of you should be afraid of me or anyone else here. Just speak what you believe.

    - signed Tirge Caps, Suxer regional spokesman and purity troll of the Gilded Third Order.

    collards, meat, butter, sourdough, eggs, cheese, raw milk

    by Tirge Caps on Tue Jan 22, 2013 at 07:41:09 AM PST

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