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View Diary: Is a Progressive Third Party a Viable Option? (94 comments)

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  •  You suggest that Republicans will continue (0+ / 0-)

    To succeed using underhanded tactics and then suggest that Democrats need to become more progressive to counter their methods.

    If you believe Republicans are using dirty tactics, you should call them out for those tactics.  Why should Democrats adjust their tactics to respond to Republican underhanded methods?

    That's disingenuous of you.

    •  Maybe I am being disingenuous (0+ / 0-)

      when I say that Republicans succeed using underhanded tactics but then say Democrats need to become more progressive to counter their methods.

      I agree that calling Republicans out on using dirty tactics is important. Voter turnout increased in response to voter suppression tactics in the recent election and the highlighting of those tactics was probably one of the more motivating factors. I hope there is a similar outcry in response to the gerrymandering and that it is also evident in the polls.

      But is calling politicians out when they use dirty tactics necessarily the best method against them? After all, one could argue that the reason they keep using dirty tactics is that they work. Human beings are flawed and complacent; there are people who still tend to support their politician, even when it is exposed they are using dirty tricks or manipulating their supporters. After all, do you really think all the people who watch Fox News truly believe everything Fox News is accurate? Some of them are bound to know that they are being deceived, and either choose to participate in the deception, or ignore it because it agrees with their biases. I'm not saying the people who watch Fox News are the ones we should be trying to convince, I'm just using them as an example of people who might not be so receptive of the message that they are being victimized by dirty politics.

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