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View Diary: My daughters watch the inauguration and a Happy Days rerun on same day: how far we've come on race (86 comments)

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  •  Yeah I agree with that (3+ / 0-)

    That was also pretty lame.  I'd say that partially reflects the view of women's role at the time and what was expected of them (pretty homemaker, to look after husband), and partially was a sort of Uncle Tom racism.  At the same time I think the writers were trying to make a point by presenting the scenario where here's this perfect guy with a lot of accomplishments which you should be thrilled for your daughter to marry, except... So, I don't think their intentions were bad.

    I will pretty much summarize my feeling about the movie as being that it did not stand the test of time, regardless of how edgy the message was back in the day.  Although the sad thing is a few years ago you could easily have remade the movie with only minor changes but with it being a homosexual relationship, and it would have been totally relevant.  Maybe you still could.

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