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    Paul Krugman has a couple entries on his blog where he discusses and disagrees with the article in the diary, Joseph Stiglitz' column "Inequality Is Holding Back the Recovery."

    Krugman blog
    Joe Stiglitz has an Opinionator piece arguing that inequality is a big factor in our slow recovery. Joe is an insanely great economist, so everything he says should be taken seriously. And given my political views and general concerns about inequality, I’d like to agree.

    But — you knew there was a “but” coming — I’ve thought about these issues a lot, and haven’t been able to persuade myself that this particular morality tale is right.

    Krugman blog
    Responses to my response to Joe Stiglitz have varied. Some are outraged that I might suggest that inequality isn’t the source of all problems — there are even some suggestions that I am acting as an apologist for the plutocrats, which will come as news to the plutocrats. But there have also been some interesting points raised.

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