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View Diary: The Citadel: Prepper paradise, pipe dream, or survivalist scam? (163 comments)

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  •  Hey guys what about food? (1+ / 0-)
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    "Economic collapse" usually means stuff gets more expensive and hard to acquire. What are they going to do? Raid the neighboring ranch/farm areas for sustenance? They certainly do not have enough land for any agricultural endeavors, that is if any of them know where food comes from other than finger ready at a local McD. Which by the way I did not see fast food eateries on their map.

    Then again, I suppose they have to have someplace to hide all the gold coins and MRIs they have purchased.  Oh, and the seeds in cans for planting and all the other crap Beck and his minions have been peddling.

    It's totally boggling how people can be so abysmally stupid.

    One word; no two. Sheesh! Wankers! Period.


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