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  •  Senator Merkley (1+ / 0-)
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    began to speak about discussing Alexander Hamilton's remarks, with a quote about the simple minority controlling the majority and how it's tyranny by the minority, with "tedious delays," and "contemptible compromises of the public good," and Merkley describing filibustering is a "practice subversive to all," etc.

    I could not get a glimpse of how many Senators were in the Chambers during this discussion.  It felt like Senators Merkley and Udall were speaking to the camera and mostly and empty Senate floor, and when Merkley asked if anyone on the floor had anything to say, not one Senator wanted to add to their discussion.

    I would rather spend my life searching for truth than live a single day within the comfort of a lie. ~ John Victor Ramses

    by KayCeSF on Tue Jan 22, 2013 at 09:54:40 AM PST

    •  Yes, I only saw three Senators the whole time (1+ / 0-)
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      Although the transcript shows that Reid, Coats, and McConnell, at least, spoke briefly before the filibuster debate began.

      Udall, Merkley, and the Senate President Pro-Tem were the only participants in the debate. It's kabuki, of course, but this time it's our kabuki. The arguments are archived at C-SPAN where we can link to them.

      America—We built that!

      by Mokurai on Tue Jan 22, 2013 at 10:57:12 AM PST

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