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  •  It hurts people like Landrieu (0+ / 0-)

    here in very red-state Louisiana.  

    The filibuster prevents her from having to vote in the most contentious situations on the most contentious issues.  

    If a very contentious, high-profile, polarizing issue comes to the floor of the Senate, she has a choice: (1) vote with the left, and kill her chances for re-election; or (2) vote with the right, and prompt a primary challenge, where she would be forced to the left and kill her chances for re-election.  

    If this very contentious, polarizing issue were going to become law with that Senate vote, it might be worth it to Democrats to sacrifice Landrieu, and others like her, in the interest of getting that bill signed into law by the President.  But it doesn't make a whole lot of sense to force here into a vote that, for her, is a lose-lose proposition if the vote is ultimately meaningless because the legislation won't get past the Republican House.  If the Democrats controlled the House, it would be different.  

    That's why Democratic Senators in red states who have to run in 2014 might not support filibuster reform.  

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