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    jo fish

    Concerning companies that may sue Lance, why? They got their moneys worth while he was winning. It is not that they will have to give the money back on all the tee shirts and other stuff people bought.
    I read that Nike started sponsoring lance when he was about 14 because he had a fierce desire to win by riding his fellow riders into the ground. So again they got their moneys worth and so did all the others that jumped on the bandwagon.

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      that's what I was wondering too.  It seems that all those companies got their money's worth out of Lance while everyone thought he was a "hero".  Surely they'd have to give all the money that could be traced directly to his endorsement deals back if they were going to make the case that they were economically 'damaged' by him in the preceding years, no?

      But I'm not a lawyer, just someone who thinks it would be sort of wrong to ask for money back for making a poor decision once it's spent.

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      by jo fish on Wed Jan 23, 2013 at 11:33:52 AM PST

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