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  •  I wouldn't know much about this except.. (0+ / 0-)

    That the guy in the office next to mine is a pretty serious cyclist that talks entirely too much about this.  He would actually take exception to your comment that he was "beating people he shouldn't have" in that he claims every professional cyclist out there dopes.  Okay, maybe not everyone but nearly all of them so he would claim it actually was a level playing field.  Your comment that he badgered "at least one other person" might be indicative that most were already doping so that Lance didn't have to badger too many people.  Apparently there was some Spanish doctor that was helping many cycling teams (including US I believe) to dope.

    This information from my fellow employee (which I am assuming is largely correct) is why the lying is actually the only thing that bothers me although there might be a few clean cyclists in there too.  

    •  I agree many were probably doping... (0+ / 0-)

      In that way his wins were probably "legitimate".  But the way he acted the whole time, pretending he was clean, when he and pretty much all of the other cyclists probably knew otherwise.  That and destroying people's lives.  It's really fucked.  

      It would be one thing if he just avoided commenting on cheating or just stick with the line about never failing a test (technically true).  But the way he's sociopathic.

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