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View Diary: Res Dogs: A Genial Yarn Based On A True Story (49 comments)

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  •  Res dogs the best! (5+ / 0-)

    thank you soooo much for this diary!  3 of my dogs are rescues from the Res.  #1 was found in Monument Valley in a herd of sheep, no mama, nursing from an agreeable ewe.  He is big, shaggy, sweet, and the best guard dog in Colorado.
    #2 was found abandoned at Hovenweep (near the Towaoc Ute Res) as a small  puppy, now a gorgeous red heeler mix nd a very good boy.
    # 3: I saw a car stop and toss out a small bundle; driving by 1 quarter mile behind, I saw a tiny puppy sitting dazedly at roadside of 491, a major 4 lane highway.  Stopped, picked him up, and now a year later he is a very large, healthy chipped, and happy boy.   Approaching his 1st birthday and we will all have cupcakes to celebrate his survival.

    I work  on the Res and have been chastised for feeding starving dogs before.  My co-worker and I have picked up several dogs and taken them to shelters, but the need is so vast.  While I love the Navajo people, I hate the traditional response to the plights of animals, that is, we have no right to interfere in their lives.  Sorry, Dine folks, but we have no right to let them endlessly and mindlessly reproduce so that they an starve.  
    Adopt a REs dog, you will never, ever be sorry!
    Running Dog Ranch, Dolores, CO always has Res dogs and tranport can be arranged. Google their website.  
    RES DOGS are the very best dogs in the world, and they all deserve a fine home.  

    •  ERRN. . . (4+ / 0-)

      your comments are very much appreciated and so very, very true given the response you sometimes get from people on the res. Slowly, ever so slowly, as our cultures mix and mingle and an exchange of attitudes improves we see a change in humanity regarding res dogs, cats and horses and all the rest of the critters. BUT. . .there is a long, long, long ways to go before we can say an improvement and change of attitude is a success. I, myself, do not comprehend how anyone can see starvation, whether it's affecting animals or people, and shrug their shoulders, close their minds, and do nothing. That is not my nature and apparently it is not yours either. What's wrong with us anyway? Well, this diary is especially hoping to get support such as you have given. Please, please write your own about this subject. I was recently rebuked or something like it from someone in the community thinking my language was not strong enough; that I was not telling the story in tougher language. Well, my story, the overall novel, is not of such persuasion. Still, that tougher story needs to be told and you have just made a good start doing it. Do, please, send some photos of your beloved res dogs. I think the community needs to see and hear more enthusiasm of the plus side of helping the plight of res dogs. Thank you, again, for posting a stronger commentary on this touchy subject (for some, touchy).

      Treat the world (yourself, and others) as part of a living organism. Everyone and everything will benefit.

      by richholtzin on Wed Jan 23, 2013 at 02:39:20 PM PST

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