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  •   Rahm and other DLC rats used to say to/and (4+ / 0-)

    about Liberals, "Where they gonna go?". I hesitate to quote him as saying " Fuck the Liberals where they gonna go?', but he has been quoted as saying, "Fuck the Unions where they gonna go?". And he, as he was killing the Public Option, called Progressives 'retards' at a strategy meeting in DC. So can I call you a whaambulance?

    The DLC and 3rd Way control of the Democratic Party is the bad thing that has already happened to America's once great Working and Middle Class party. We are not a center right party and America is not a center right nation. And the DLC/3rd Way quislings have only caused more partisanship since the Clinton gang rode into DC. As the Dems moved right and passed nafta and statrted chipping away at the New Deal with Wall St de-reg, the repugs have only moved further right. So right that when Rahm came back to DC to party like it was the 1990s the repugs pissed on his parade by refusing to pass their own healthcare plan from glory days of Clintonian triangulation.

    Gabby Giffords sure didn't deserve to be shot, but then neither did St Ronnie of the Asshole. Still don't like their politics though.

    •  liberals didn't have the power and centrists did (1+ / 0-)
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      and centrists weren't patient or gracious about it and it upset some liberals.  i get it.  and now these same offended liberals want to demonize the centrists in an attempt to wrest power from them.

      the middle of America are actually quite liberal about a lot of things, but this is the kind of shit that drives them away from liberals.  they hate these petty power struggles.  this is why the news media gets away with the false equivalencies.  

      and, for the 1 billionth time, Rahm didn't call liberals retards.  that's pure 'through the grapevine' distortion.  he called an idea a fucking retarded idea.  an idea that he thought not only had no chance of passing through congress, but would actually undermine the ability to pass any health care reform.  

      now, it wasn't nice of him to call an idea retarded and it wasn't nice of him to be so rough about the whole thing, but that still doesn't mean that he's a bad person.  he just doesn't give a fuck about what liberals want.  oh well.  that's not a good reason to demonize him.  it's not like liberals are the saviors of America and anyone who stands in their way are the bad guys.  right?

      •  Centrists? These are very conservative people. The (4+ / 0-)

        DLC was crammed full of southern Democrats and western extraction state congress critters. Along with Wall St whore's like Lanny Davis and good old joementum joe himself. And all of them were either luke warm, at best, or outright hostile to Unions. They all embraced and promoted privatizing government services, which has cost tax payers billions if not trillions of dollars since the 1990s and these disgraces passed nafta and took down Glass Steagle and gave us un-regulated exotic Wall St "products", which cost us billions more. Clinton and his merry band teed up the Bush crash with all their triangulating centrism.  

        They have had their day and it has been a bad one for the country and the party. Now they are yesterdays men. The country and the Democratic party are leaning left again. And these Wall St plugs are trying to keep the dam from bursting over them.

        But maybe the worse thing these self dealing grifters are doing is once again pounding on the Democrats to compromise on the repugs turf when the country and the majority of voters in the nation are disgusted with the repugs and turning away from them and from conservatism.

        Your 3rd Way crowd is trying to get Obama and the Democrats to come to the repugs rescue. Even as the pugs are rigging states to cheat Democratic voters out of their majorities and voting rights.

        The repugs are always at war with the Democrats and these 3rd Way shits always want the Democrats surrendering to them even if after every surrender the repugs go right back to war.

        And a good reason to demonize the Union busting de-regulating privatizer that is Rahmtard, is that he got out of bed in the morning. The little prick is gonna sell off everything Chicago taxpayers built over generations to Wall St for peanuts and some colored beads. Its what he does.

        •  less than 24 hours prior to Gabby being shot (0+ / 0-)

          the front page of daily kos was condemning Gabby in exactly the same kind of way they are condemning the 3rd Way folks right now and everyone in the comments was joining in on it

          then the moment the news broke that Gabby was shot, suddenly she had ALWAYS been one of our own.  

          this wasn't some kind of moment of tragedy where differences were being set aside.  daily kos leaped to accuse those gun loving conservatives (like her) of sharing responsibility for her being shot in the head.  

          it's was pure cynical shameless 2 faced political expediency.

          and Gabby was in a coma, so, she couldn't tell everyone that the liberals who were claiming her as one of their own like she was practically a liberal martyr were actually people who hated her guts.  which would have been the truth.

          because it is the truth.  daily kos HATES 3rd Way democrats, like Gabby Giffords.  unless they get shot in the back of the head.  and all anyone has to do to know that is read this diary, including your comment.

          now, see, you paint Rahm like he's this horrible person and maybe you are right about everything that he has done.  but he's still better than all the people here who pretended like they didn't hate Gabby when she was shot in the head so they could use her.

          now, this comment might get me banned from here, because this kind of condemnation isn't permitted unless it's pointed toward people like Gabby, before she gets shot, but fuck it, cause i am still sick to my stomach by what happened here.  

          •  I can have human sympathy for someone even if I (1+ / 0-)

            don't like their politics. And my wife and I contributed to several conservative Democrats this election cycle. When push comes to shove, I push for the Democrat and shove the repug. I commented to Tammy Duckworth from this cite during the election. I told her she wasn't my flavor of Democrat and that she hung out with Rahmhole too much, but that I was grateful for her service and humbled by her sacrifice. I asked her to kick Joe Walsh's skinny little ass and she did, thanks to my advice and small contribution, I'm sure.

            Anton, I don't like anyone in public service getting shot in the head, not John Kennedy, Jim Brady, or Gabby Giffords. I don't have to like their politics to be appalled at the gun carnage, in a supposedly 1st world Democracy, that blows out their brains. Gabby and her husband, like Jim Brady and St Ronnie of the Asshole, though gun owners, support gun safety legislation. See we agree right, left, and center, the heavens open and The 3rd Way no doubt weeps for joy, the stupid and/or corrupt bastards.

             From was wrong when he formed the DLC in the 80s and the Democrats who joined the DLC were wrong, or worse.
            And these 3rd Way retreads are wrong now, mind boggling wrong after seeing what 30 years of off shoring, de-regging, Wall St coddling, corporate consolidation, and trickle down taxation has done to the countries working, middle class and national debt.

            Why must Democratic presidents always tell their voters to go fuck themselves? I never hear these conservadems call for repugs to come left. And this diary isn't about Gifford's tragedy, its about the failure and wrong headedness of conservadem policy and ideas. And the utter bullshit of Obama moving right when the country just roundly and soundly said no to repugs and Wall St ball licking 'centrism'.

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