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View Diary: Awful flu season focuses attention on awful sick leave policies. But will it create change? (17 comments)

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  •  I work for a major metro hospital, & our approach (5+ / 0-)

    makes good sense (I think).  

    First, you can always borrow ahead several days if you happen to fall ill with no spare PTO to lean on.  Everyone understands this.  Managers are being especially flexible now with flu season.  We've been told to do so.  The message is "tell all staff: if flu symptoms, stay home; do not risk infecting your colleagues!"  This is even though all staff got the flu shot (or were very strongly urged to do so).  We are learning that the flu shot reduces risk but does not eliminate it.

    Second, once you have been out of work due to illness for more than X days (I think it's 5) you can request that further PTO come out of a different employees' account for short term sick leave.  Just have to supply a doctor's verification and that can be done after the fact.

    No system is perfect but I think ours works well.

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