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View Diary: Awful flu season focuses attention on awful sick leave policies. But will it create change? (17 comments)

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    I worked for a major retailer for a while, and you get a number of freebie days to call off, for sick, or car broke down, or whatever; they're strictly for unplanned stuff.  I think it was five days per year.  Once you used your second one you had to have a "talking to" by your direct supervisor.  After a third day you were written up.  It's like WTF why say we have the days then punish us when we use them?

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    by Silvia Nightshade on Wed Jan 23, 2013 at 07:21:52 AM PST

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      And they used it as a recruiting tool, like "we give you 10 days a year!!" but forgot to say "better hope you don't get the flu!"

      Very nice name, Silvia Nightshade.

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