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View Diary: Reid gives GOP 36 hours to negotiate filibuster reform (132 comments)

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  •  Why is this the ONLY way? (2+ / 0-)
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    He's got the votes to make this happen. The only way real reform happens is if he gives up on the fantasy of a gentlemen's agreement with McConnell, and uses the 51 votes to enact real reforms that can make the Senate function again.
    If Sen Reid has the votes to make this happen, then there is absolutely nothing to be lost by offering a bi-partisan wagon ride. Let me repeat that. There is nothing to be lost by making the offer.

    If you want "real" reform you do not want something that can be reversed by a future GOP majority by the same 51 votes.

    Let me repeat that. If you want "real" reform, you want something that might last longer than the next Congress.

    Call it a long shot if you want, but there is no downside to making the offer. As there is a possible upside, there is no reason to not make this offer.

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