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View Diary: Reid gives GOP 36 hours to negotiate filibuster reform (132 comments)

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    The Hill, by the way, is wrong. The nuclear option was what Republicans were talking about doing during the Bush Administration to block Democrats' filibuster of judicial nominees. It would have entailed Vice President Cheney, acting as presiding officer, declaring the filibuster of nominees unconstitutional. That's pretty nuclear, particularly considering it would have happened mid-Congress. The constitutional option, on the other hand, is what we're talking about here: the establishment of rules at the beginning of a Congress. It has been used numerous times since the cloture rule was established in 1917. In fact, Sen. Robert Byrd used it four times as majority leader to enact filibuster reform. The Hill needs to find new parliamentary experts. Daily Kos recommends they talk to this guy.
    Frist 2005 was the so-called threatened "nuclear option"

    The constitutional option is what i Hope Harry Reid and Dems do
    Right now - and it does not require any "help" from the republicans if Dems stick together and pass rule changes with a simple majority - we have a majority in the senate - Lets use it

    Why wait another minute?

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