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  •  At least the phrenologists (3+ / 0-)
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    At least they were starting to think about components of personality and the forces that form them.

    Of course they lacked discipline and rigor and the technology and methodology needed for proper investigation, so they just started making stuff up, which is unfortunate.

    In one sense it was a dead-end.  In an evolutionary sense, most experiments are.  But it was a sign of a new attitude toward knowledge, a green bud if you will.  Now a century and a half later we have some genuine understanding of the dimensions of personality, of what lies withing the wide bounds of normal or healthy, of what does not, and a degree of understanding of the forces that combine to mold personality and its dimensions.  This hard-won knowledge is not a direct outgrowth of phrenology but it has its roots in that same period and that same budding of hunger for scientific insight.

    If nothing else, one can say the phrenologists got people talking in near-modern times about the question.  Other people said "they're wrong" and set about showing what would be right instead.  So it was a part of the process.

    Ideology is when you have the answers before you know the questions.
    It is what grows into empty spaces where intelligence has died.

    by Alden on Sun Feb 17, 2013 at 08:51:55 AM PST

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