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View Diary: The Hazards of Conflating "The NRA" With "Gun Owners" (131 comments)

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  •  Fewer murders by rifle than shotgun in 2011 (5+ / 0-)

    Great lot of good an AWB will do, beyond making people who don't read FBI crime statistics happy -- unless a robust buy-back program is written into the law.

    Stopping the importation, manufacture, and sale of magazines >10 rounds is sensible, but again it will only make a difference if we demand the law include a robust buy-back program.

    If we're actually serious about this, the law must also include

    (1) California-style restrictions on private gun transfers, GANGED WITH:

    (2) A requirement that states enact laws requiring gun owners to report gun theft within 2-4 weeks, enforced if a gun is used in a crime by other than the owner, on penalty of an increasing gradient of fines then criminal misdemeanor penalties for repeat offenses. Otherwise when a crime gun is traced to a strawman seller, they'll just say, "Gosh, that gun was stolen from me last year."

    (3) Funding to put all ATF data on crime, suicide, and accident guns in a searchable online database. Until every citizen with internet access can see where the flow of crime guns comes from, we'll have no idea if gun laws are doing squat. The NRA and their minions in Congress, and probably the military, have not seemed keen on us seeing the dealers, military armories, etc., that leak the most guns into criminal hands.


    by raincrow on Wed Jan 23, 2013 at 01:47:03 AM PST

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