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  •  I Remember Watching..... (9+ / 0-)

    CNN's live coverage of the Mars Pathfinder Mission with the Sojourner rover, back in 1997.

    CNN had a camera in NASA's control room, where the scientists & engineers were getting telemetry & data back from the spacecraft, and I remember there being trepidation about the whole thing. Almost everything they were doing was untested. And to top it all off, after they determined the craft had landed on Mars, there was some concern that the airbags hadn't retracted far enough & might still be covering the tracks that would allow the rover to get to the ground, possibly causing it to get tangled up.

    I remember it was like 2am est when they finally when they got first images of the rover going down its pathway & touching Mars. The sheer joy on the scientists faces is what I imagine lottery winners have.

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