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View Diary: Cat grabber proposes assault pootie ban in New Zealand (106 comments)

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  •  My town (3+ / 0-)

    licenses cats, controls how many a family may own, demands tagging and vaccinations, has a cat leash law, and outdoor cats are confiscated, neutered/spayed, and rehomed with responsible cat owners.

    If it can't be rehomed, it's euthanized.

    Itzl spends time training cats to be more canine, and therefore, more adoptable.

    Everyone knows dogs act as safeties on cats.

    All knowledge is worth having. Check out OctopodiCon to support steampunk learning and fun. Also, on DKos, check out the Itzl Alert Network.

    by Noddy on Wed Jan 23, 2013 at 08:27:25 AM PST

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