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View Diary: It's Time To Stop Pretending John McCain Is A "Hero" (280 comments)

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    John McCain, like many military brat sons, was brought up to think he is special. He got far too many breaks because of  his father's rank. He is well known for using and disrespecting women and is known to treat his very rich wife, whom he lives on, abusively. He was a playboy pilot who crashed planes, and has been known to say that he has never seen a fight that he didn't want to be in.
    THis has all been written about in bios and long-form journalism.

    We are looking at an old, old man who displays the characteristics of many men who are small in stature: They have to punch up and weild power to get noticed.
    When you couple that with relative immaturity (characterized in part by being a nasty and sore loser), you get someone who behaved badly throughout his military time and decades later floats on the notoriety of maybe one act that might or might not have been heroic.

    Surviving something atrocious does not make you a hero.

    John McCain's ego lives on because DC journos keep feeding his pathologies. He will take every opportunity to puff himself up 24/7 to be interviewed as he whines  about the latest person who slighted him. DC journos like David Gregory feed his ego and invite him on MTP because he is, well, around on the weekends, waiting by the phone! And give him the tacit recognition---albeit fairy-tale--that he knows more than the real decisionmakers and statesmen.

    I'm a military brat and believe me, he has not aged well or honorably, considering the values and sense of community and responsibility we were raised with.  

    We should all be more cognizant of how easily we enable immature and malicious behavior----and maybe raise our standards when it comes to who is and who is not or ever was a "hero."

    There are real heroes out there---man and women------and they are the ones who spend the rest of their lives trying to live up to the honor.

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