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View Diary: The Moral Realities of Self Defense Shootings (238 comments)

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    we'll ever know what phantoms haunted Adam Lanza, or why he chose for his staged "blaze of glory" exit from his life the most relatively "innocent" and powerless of fellow humans to kill. It probably says something about his haunting that everybody has so far missed, but the person who may have known more than anyone else about abuses he may have suffered - his mother - is also beyond our questioning.

    It's good (sociologically) that this tragedy has finally ignited serious discussion about necessary gun control in this country. But not even the most adamant of wannabe controllers has said anything in passing about the even more disturbing psychological implications of the actor's personal drama other than "Mental Illness! Mental Illness! Crazy People!!!" Which tells us nothing at all except that those talking want to ensure that any discussions exclude real analysis of what's organically wrong. The ONLY thing I've seen confirmed about Adam Lanza's mental condition is that he probably displayed a high functioning level of autism (Aspberger's sp?). And I don't know how authoritative that diagnosis might be. No one I've ever known in this bracket has ever displayed serious impulse control issues that lead to murderous violence.

    Most everyone's assumed to be 'normal' until they act out the fact that they're not. We don't have a very good definition or list of criteria that establishes what, exactly, is 'normal'. Those with mental challenges who harbor deadly ideations are primarily dangerous to themselves. Most often they do not present existential danger to random strangers.

    Of course, there is ample historical evidence that authoritative public dehumanization of target groups can in fact lead to horrendous wars, rebellions (civil wars) and even genocides as the majority is led to act violence upon the targeted minority. Goebbels was a Master at this in his day, today's media and tools are far more advanced. We've got Rush, et al., FoxNews, and an entire political party with power all utterly devoted to demonization 24-7. This is having a sociological effect as acting becomes more common, it can get a whole lot worse. Surprisingly quickly.

    We've got our work cut out for us if we are to evolve beyond this.

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