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View Diary: Scientology: A Religion, but a Threat to Mental Health? (291 comments)

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    but my facts are solid. They are not negotiable.

    I mean, I can't prove there is no detached deist-esque master creature, god-like, maybe like something from Star Trek DS9 slumbering in the far reaches of space. It's obvious that man-made religions are a sham, but the possibility of a super being? Who knows?

    It seems extremely unlikely, but I bet people 500 years ago thought the concept of something like the internet a fevered madman's dream. So I keep an open mind. If we find a floating noodley space monster with reality-altering powers, maybe we can classify that as a god, and that'd be relatively accurate.

    But the bloodbaths that Christianity has caused are facts harder than Wolverine's skeleton and you don't need Holmes to find them. And as for the modern American Christian legal attacks? Those are well-covered here.

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