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View Diary: Scientology: A Religion, but a Threat to Mental Health? (291 comments)

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    It's going to take a while... believe it or not, I've been writing these comments while cooking dinner and helping my son with his homework! Blast, the curse of having to do everything else. I'm also finishing up a (long) writing project -- and then I think I should compile my research and do yet more still so that it's thorough. I'm not concerned with religious beliefs whatsoever: these are peoples' fundamental rights. I am concerned solely with a small aspect of Scientology, which is very much about mental health and public policy and which infringes on certain peoples' individual rights and rights en masse as well. I'm not opposed to ideas like mind over matter, choice about psychiatric approach, and don't even get me started about the right to choose what gender you are: that should be a no-brainer for any sane society (people have a full right to express their true gender, whether that "matches" what they are born with or not or what society says is or isn't a certain gender at all, and it's pitiful that Americans don't universally recognize this).

    But I definitely am concerned and will write more about why to explain. In the same way that I believe human beings should have choices about issues like their gender, I believe we should have choices about our mental health care. I think Scientology has compromised issues of choice in a very scary way; I believe some suicides are the result of the kinds of work Scientologists have promoted to people who don't realize that the choices they are making are anti-choice choices (if that makes sense, again, I'm rushing between homework sheets to type this out, sorry!).

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    by mahakali overdrive on Wed Jan 23, 2013 at 06:50:20 PM PST

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