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View Diary: The clear way forward on filibuster reform: The constitutional option (105 comments)

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  •  Talking filibuster off the table (7+ / 0-)

    That tells you everything one needs to know. There's no such thing as a "talking filibuster." A filibuster IS talking! You have to hold the Senate floor and not yield! Jesus fucking christ I'm so sick of Dem leadership taking citizens for morons.

    Talking Filibuster in this context can be deciphered thus: "the right for Dem leadership to table legislation (usually killing it) because of a threat on the part of the opposition party, a threat which always results in the minority getting their way, on terms negotiated by the majority party."

    At least that's my understanding. Harry Reid is simply the worst. And he's certainly no friend to Obama, who much prefers Schumer's company. At some point Obama is going to have to use his much-bruited clout to bring Harry Reid under control, because this is becoming a fucking circus.

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