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View Diary: Hillary Clinton tells Ron Johnson to give her a break and calls whole Benghazi thing a 'fairy tale' (162 comments)

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  •  WI is effed up. (7+ / 0-)

    Unlimited spending by Koch brothers, Alec, and numerous out-of-state superPACs made all of 2010 in electoral nightmare.

    Ron Johnson is the least of our problems. He's an ignoramus but has no power to do anything. Our state legislators and governor are on a reckless tax-cut, corporate-welfare spending spree and sending our state into serious Shock-Doctrine style cuts in public workers and public spending.

    It is a fucking nightmare. The press is complicit. They are uninterested in exposing the crimes of the elected officials with Rs next to their names. The culture wars are still being fought in a huge way. Right-wing hate radio plays on multiple stations 24/7/365.

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