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View Diary: House Republicans vote to suspend debt limit until May 19, abandoning their hostage crisis bluff (61 comments)

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    "... their move allowed Democrats to offer an amendment to the legislation insisting that the House Budget protect senior citizens, veterans, and the active duty military from benefit cuts—and as you might have guessed, Republicans overwhelmingly rejected the amendment. In the end, just one Republican sided with 160150 Democrats who voted to oppose the cuts."
    Did only one Republican vote against an amendment protecting the benefits of senior citizens, veterans, and active duty military members? Did 150 Democrats oppose their own amendment?

    Sorry--maybe I'm reading this wrong. My brain hurts. ;) But I am married to a military veteran, and we keep a close eye on benefit changes. The biggest benefit--and most expensive for the DOD--is health insurance. A small group of retirees lost one health insurance option recently, which doesn't affect us personally, but does make me kind of nervous. I use that benefit a lot.

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