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    TM runs at the same time - you just retrieve the results.  It is on my list to allow re-runs at the last instant, but (at least today) that isn't implemented.  Why?  Well, glad you asked!  The short answer is that to invoke the script on demand has several downsides:

    1. that it lowers the predictability... yes, it gets marginally more accurate, but since you have to pound a steak in the sand at some time, the improvement seems pretty minimal.
    2. It reduces the chance that something will go wrong that I can fix in time for TC.  If a TC diarist tells me that it is borked at 9EST I have a hope of re-running.  9:45, probably not.
    3. The hosting service that it actually runs on doesn't allow CGI scripts to make HTTP requests like Search on the fly.

    None of these are really The Kiss Of Death to it, but taken together, it has relegated it to the back burner.  Someday though.

    Water which is too pure has no fish -- Ts'ai Ken T'an

    by mik on Tue Jan 29, 2013 at 07:26:33 PM PST

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