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View Diary: Louisiana Gov. Jindal cuts hospice care out of Medicaid (209 comments)

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  •  "...Die Quickly" (9+ / 0-)

    This is the sickest, cruelest thing I've seen coming from Republicans yet.  Hospice is an amazing concept/group of people.  To try to save a few dollars by denying the terminally ill and their families the ability to die with dignity is morally wrong.  Maybe they should tie it to their idea of gun rights.... give every sick person a .357 and tell them to "do the right thing".

    Allen Grayson was right... "Republicans health care plan: Don't get sick, if you do, die quickly"

    Deye mon, gen mon (Beyond mountains there are mountains - Haitian proverb)

    by ekeithj on Wed Jan 23, 2013 at 02:16:21 PM PST

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