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View Diary: Louisiana Gov. Jindal cuts hospice care out of Medicaid (209 comments)

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    Jindal is running a Banana Republic.  Our legislators are  terrified of defying him as he decimates public education and health care in our state.  Of course many legislators agree with him anyway, but those who have dared to disagree have found themselves removed from committee posts.  

    Tuition for higher education has increased more in Louisiana than any other state in the last four years, but Jindal will crow about not raising taxes.  Having already cut corporate taxes, he is now pushing to eliminate property and income taxes and increase sales taxes--all in the name of economic growth.  

    Jindal dismantled our public hospitals that serve the poor, pushing those hospitals into "public/private partnerships."  God only knows how poor people are going to get healthcare.  Refusing the ACA Medicaid expansion and cutting hospice are vintage Jindal.

    His is a strict ALEC agenda.  He is a political opportunist of the highest order. I'd love to see him run for president and get humiliated in that public arena. What a despicable POS.

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