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View Diary: Louisiana Gov. Jindal cuts hospice care out of Medicaid (209 comments)

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  •  It doesn't even save money... (12+ / 0-)

    My hubby was on hospice for the last three weeks of his life.  My mother was on hospice for about three months, while in a nursing home.

    The cost of the hospice for my husband was probably cheaper than the ER/overnight trip (with ambulance) right before we signed up.  I panic at 1 AM when I couldn't stop his chills/temp and called 911.  After hospice, I called the nurse in the middle of the night who told me what to do to help... They helped me keep him comfortable at home up until the last 48 hours and then he was in hospice house, with only pain and nausea control.  I promise you a family will call 911 for a loved one if they can't manage to control the symptoms.  

    Re my mother, She had just come back from the hospital to the NH when her breathing became labored again.  The nurses wanted to send her back... we tried to refuse and they said we could only do that if she was on hospice, which of course we did.  Again, I would expect that during her last three months she would have had two, maybe even three more hospital stays, if it had not been for the hospice.  She rallied a couple of times during that 3 months and very much enjoyed singing hymns with the hospice chaplin who came to visit her.  Families trying to keep a loved one at home, without hospice care to assist, more likely than not you will see their loved one back and forth to the hospital and probably even to a nursing home.  

    So, not only is it inhuman and horrible, the decision to do away with hospice care is STUPID.  I think he just lost any chance he ever had to become president.  If you think the death panel ads were bad, can you imagine what the ones on this decision will be like?

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