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View Diary: Panetta said to be lifting military's ban on women in combat (147 comments)

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  •  The Implications For Selective Service? (2+ / 0-)
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    Eric Nelson, schnecke21

    This is a bit of a technical question, but I wonder...

    If women are being treated as equals when it comes to combat operations (or any other military roles), could this ultimately mean women will have the same selective service (i.e. draft) obligations as men, like having to go to the post office & register at 18?

    I haven't googled it yet, but I'm going to guess those rules are governed by an Act of Congress, and would need their assent to be changed & can't be done by the Executive Branch alone.

    •  Constitution requires drafting women if they can (2+ / 0-)
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      Eric Nelson, davidinmaine

      enter combat.  When the Supreme Court upheld a draft that exempted women against a constitutional challenge in Rostker v. Goldberg, 453 U.S. 57 (1981), the rationale it used for upholding it was that women are not permitted to enter combat roles.

      An Act of Congress can't overrule the Constitution.

      The influence of the [executive] has increased, is increasing, and ought to be diminished.

      by lysias on Wed Jan 23, 2013 at 01:38:31 PM PST

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