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View Diary: So much for Arizona's new "moderate" legislature (21 comments)

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  •  HB2455 (3+ / 0-)

    Mother Mags, I think you forgot this bit of lunacy. HB2455 modifies an existing statute and says that guns which are turned in during a voluntary buy-back (like the recent one in Tucson) must be resold rather than destroyed.

    3.  "Found property" means recovered, lost, surrendered or abandoned property that is turned over to a public agency where the owner may or may not be known and that is not classified as evidence.
    Note the additional word--SURRENDERED is in blue caps in the original, which refers to those turned in. There's more to the changes, but strike-outs and such don't show properly when copied and pasted.
    One concern is that if folks know the guns they don't want will end up back in circulation, they might just hang on to them, and perhaps maintain a risky situation in their home. Or even worse, they might try to destroy the gun themselves, which could be even more dangerous.
    The other absurdity of this is that these NRA crazies treat guns as holy objects to be venerated. Even U.S. flags are allowed to be destroyed at the end of their usefulness. Some veterans' organizations have periodic rituals for the respectful burning of old flags. But guns are holier than flags, and must stay in circulation to "bless" the citizenry with frequent blood sacrifices. This is idolatry of the worst order.

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