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  •  Agreed chantedor but you (11+ / 0-)

      need to rinse out your water pik every 6-7 days or more often with pure water as the Listerine ingredients may erode some of the plastic elements in the waterpik.  I also use a teaspoon or so of Hydrogen peroxide mixed in with a plentitude of water - it chemically helps to neutralize some bacteria.  It is essential to flush to water pik out with pure water afterwards - and also with the listerine/H2O mix to maintain the integrity of the
    Water Pik plastic and other components.   Good Oral Health to All   (P.S.  Use Either listerine Or Hyd. Peroxide with the water Mixture - Not Both)

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      My spouse swears by his water pik. English healthcare is generally pretty good, but for dental work...well, the English have a reputation for bad teeth for a reason....Anyway, one day the water pik went off randomly spraying the wall with Listerine. I only knew it was happening because the smell travelled downstairs. That was a MESS.

      "We are monkeys with money and guns". Tom Waits

      by northsylvania on Thu Jan 31, 2013 at 01:41:54 PM PST

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