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View Diary: Video: Distressed dolphin seeks out diver for help (177 comments)

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  •  Similar to how to remove a jumping cactus (7+ / 0-)

    ball when it has lodged itself and it's many spikes into your skin.

    I learned to take a shoestring, wrap it around the base of the cactus ball and quickly snap closed the loop of the shoestring. It makes the ball pop out and brings all the barbs along with it.

    (Just watch that no one is standing in the direction it pops off. We did actually pop one off one person and onto another one time.)

    THis is an important skill to have if hiking in desert areas with jumping cactus, as you get many, many quills in you at one time, all releasing toxin. The sooner you get then out, the better. But since it's a ball of barbs, 360 degrees around, you can't really grab and pull.

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