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View Diary: Why did MSNBC have to hide the faces of some of the abortion providers it interviewed? (137 comments)

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  •  Just to pick a nit... (14+ / 0-)

    ...I really dislike hearing stuff like this.

    It's not so good for the dirt poor little 14-year-old working hard in school and dreaming of being the first in her family to go to college — but then she gets raped. Or her stepfather is molesting her. And she's got no choice and no where to go.
    Why do we always go to the 'rape' and 'incest' argument? It's a weak argument, because the Republicans can just turn around and say 'well I support exceptions for rape and incest, as long as you can absolutely prove that the woman was raped' or whatever wankery they pull out of their asses that day.

    How about the 14-year-old who has sex (with another 14-year-old), because 14-year-olds have sex? And breaks or mishandles the condom, or was never instructed on contraceptives in the first place? Or just does something stupid once and has sex without contraception, because 14-year-olds do stupid things sometimes, and that's just part of being 14?

    What about the 24-year-old woman who has sex and gets pregnant even though she's on the pill? Or has sex with her regular partner, gets pregnant, and then her partner freaks out and abandons her because he's not actually ready for a child? Or has sex fully intending to have a child, but then, upon being told she's pregnant, abruptly realizes that there's something in her life that makes this a bad time to have a child?

    Don't do it. Don't pull out the 'rape card'. Because you are not (or at least shouldn't be) arguing that only people who were raped deserve to be able to have abortions. I know the temptation is to make the person seeking an abortion as sympathetic a character as you can, and that's understandable. But showing off a victim and trying to make the person you're arguing with give her abortion their own seal of approval totally misses the point, which is that her abortion shouldn't ever need anyone's seal of approval except for hers.

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