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View Diary: Why did MSNBC have to hide the faces of some of the abortion providers it interviewed? (137 comments)

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    I think it's time that Congress took licensing of clinics away from the states. By doing that we would see the end to this state-by-state attempt to undermine the law.

    Of course, it would take a Democratic Congress to do that, so we'd have to take back the House. But I think we should put this on the agenda. I think we should make it a national priority to establish national protection for clinics, so that they can go about their lawful business free from local pressures.

    By setting that as a goal we will force our opponents to take on this new front, which will weaken them across the board. They will have to spend time and money to try to defeat this bill. By committing ourselves to that battle, we make it harder for them to put resources into local battles.

    Instead of a defensive strategy we need an offensive strategy. So, let's make it our goal to override all state and local regulation of these clinics, so that they can open in any community they want.

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