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  •  And the neo-cons are not necessarily (1+ / 0-)
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    pro-Israel.  First, because their love of war isn't about saving Israel -- it's about conducting an endless Crusade against Muslims (a la Huntington's Clash of Civilizations).  Second, they don't even support "Israel" per se, they only support Israel's far right-wing politicians (i.e., who support settlements and denial of human rights for Palestinians).  There are a great many Israelis who oppose Netanyahu's caustic policies.  

    It is a nasty trick to put the label "Anti-Israel" (implicitly meaning "anti-semitic") on people who oppose the inhuman treatment of Palestinians.  

    Implying that the anti-Hagel group is a "Pro-Israel Lobby" unfortunately feeds into this discourse strategy.  It makes it seem like those who oppose Hagel are somehow "Pro-Israel."  They're not, and they should be called out on it.  

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